Welcome to Kissy’s Tank! Have a look around. I hope you find what you’re looking for. If not, leave me a message here on the homepage and I’ll check it out.

Also, check out my photos. You may use them if necessary on other sites, but please credit me (Kissyboots).


2 Responses to Home

  1. Jenny Nunn says:

    your pic’s are great of the cory cats. I am bewildered . I have two. last week I saw all the eggs on theleaves and glass. After a couple of days they got a white cloud over them, so cleaned out my filter and tank. then today, just about a week later, there are eggs again. since I did not see which one laid the eggs the second time, what is the deal? could be I have two females? My question is, will the females produce and lay eggs even if there is not a male around to fertlize them? Do the females have to be enticed by the male before she produces and lays her eggs. I don’t want to raise them, and I don’t want all the eggs all over everything over and over. I never had this problem before and I have always kept Cory’s…

    • Kissyboots says:


      They’re probably spawning so much because they like something about your tank. Cleaner water, new surroundings (plants, ornaments), or a temperature change.

      I don’t know if females will lay eggs if there is no male around. I’ve never tried that.

      If you don’t want to raise cories, don’t worry about the eggs. The cories and other fish will eat them. If they hatch, the fry will get eaten too.

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